Deadpoint Climbing Company was established in Kelowna BC, Canada. Est 2018

 A vision turned reality, we are very excited to have established our own route in the climbing world. Channeling inspiration from our Okanagan roots, Deadpoint Climbing Co. thrives on creating products and designs that are unique, easily recognized and hard to duplicate.  Welcome to the rock climbing underground. Whether you're sport climbing, bouldering, indoor, outdoor, or plain old dirtbagging, we encourage you to join the Deadpoint Army and send your projects with style and confidence.

Our vision has always been to make premium long-lasting climbing chalk that is 100% additive free 'AF' containing no added fillers or harmful drying agents.

We started by sourcing a manufacturer that could give us access to top-grade magnesium carbonate. Working directly with them and utilizing small-batch manufacturing, has allowed us to consistently produce a high-quality climbing chalk.

Welcome to our Chalk Reserve line up.

By Focusing on making products that we, as climbers, want first and foremost, allows an uninterrupted design process. Creating apparel and accessories that allow you to seamlessly transition from 

crag to concrete.

With an emphasis on minimalist design; we believe in keeping it simple. We are proud of the products we've created and hope to continue improving and evolving our brand. 

One project at a time.